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SC International, the proud legacy of SanthaChandra group was established in 2010. We incorporate our expertise in engineering with our dream to find a global market for our premium engineering products. We are significantly distinguished as manufacturers and exporters of King tyre retreading machines from India. We extend our product range to exquisite products of Kerala towards the global market.

Engineering Division

SC international has been a robust presence in Engineering for over three decades with expertise in manufacture of Tyre retreading machines. King Tyre retreading machines, since its inception in 1981 is successfully serving over 200 tyre retreading factories in India. Our export division started in 2010 and we are proud to successfully extend our valuable clientele globally. SC International exports King tyre retreading machines, Stainless steel cooking pressure vessels and a variety of other engineering products and solutions across the globe. Kindly visit for engineering division for product range and more info.

Export Division

SC international ventures into the realm of Exports. We are the sole manufacturers and exporters of King tyre retreading machines and accessories from India. We provide all kinds of tyre retreading machines for all tyre sizes, stainless steel cooking vessels and trolleys. We are majorly retreading machine and industrial machinery exporters. Respecting our valuable client demands we serve them as sourcing agents for products from India. We export Tyre retreading machines and a wide variety of products in Agriculture, Engineering, Arts etc. as per customer requirements. Kindly visit our export division for detailed information

Retreading Division

SC International incorporates its value added services to the arena of tyre retreading. We cater all customer requirements of tyres to retread. Our range extends from Bike to Tractor ,JCB and other OTR tyres. With our superior use of quality tread rubber and retreading materials and with our advanced KING retreading machines we are proud to be one of the prime service providers in tyre retreading industry.

About Us

SC International, which stands for SanthaChandra International, is a leader in the manufacture and export of tyre retreading machinery in India. The company inherits the legacy of King Foundry & Engineering Works, its parent company with over thirty years of experience in the tyre retreading industry. SC International is the Govt. approved manufacturers and exporters of tyre retreading machines from India. We build tyre retreading machine from Scooter to Tractor , JCB and OTR sizes

King Foundry & Engineering Works was established in 1981 by Mr. P. S. Chandran, who is also the founder and chairman of SC International. King Foundry had humble beginnings as a machine shop. By 1985, through constant innovation and growth and based on popular demand from its clientele, the company expanded its operations into the arena of tyre retreading machines.

Today, three decades of constant hard work, innovation and technological advancement later, the company stands as the pioneer in its industry and continues to serve the hundreds of clients it has acquired and served over the years.

The legacy of top notch mechanical engineering has been passed on to the next generation through SC International, yet the values have remained the same, being "Customer is King, Quality Rules".

We are the first to acknowledge that a journey this long in a hard core engineering industry would not have been possible without the support and loyalty of our clients. We value relationships and we believe we've learned and grown through suggestions and feedback from our clients, including many who have stuck with us over the whole thirty years of our journey.

The engineers and technicians at SC International are our greatest resources. Each member of our team has been handpicked for their technical skills, engineering mindset and their love for this work. The team brings the best of foundry and thermal engineering to the table each and every time, and combined with the wisdom of decades of work, every machine that comes out of our shop performs at a level that will satisfy even strictest perfectionists.

Our Vision

To become a globally recognised, prestigious company in the realms of our business investment through customer focus, innovation and our dedication to work, and passion to succeed. We look forward for a satisfied clientele around the globe and value long lasting business relations

Our Mission

We are here to build everlasting business relations

Our Commitment

At SC International we are committed to being responsible for the environment. We would thrive to spreading awareness for Conservation of resources and reduce environmental impact in all our business practices.


santhachandra, electric tyre curing
santhachandra , treadbonder
santhachandra , aluminum matrix

santhachandra cyclone filter

santhachandra,envelope expander
santhachandra , boiler
santhachandra , OTR tyre retreading machine


January 6, 2016

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January 6, 2016

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January 6, 2016

Enveloping a tyre before curing by SC International

January 6, 2016

Tyre Buffing by SC International


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